“Everything you eat will impact your mood, energy level & health goals.  As a functional nutritionist, I want to help you optimize your well-being! I am passionate about creating evidenced-based nutrition & fitness plans for each individual to enhance their vitality and turn goals into reality!

Nutrition and fitness have been a constant in Julie's life.  She grew up in a family of health enthusiasts.  However, nutrition was not her original career goal.  Julie worked in the radio industry for several years after college at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  

Her desire to pursue nutrition as a career path was sparked by a personal bout of hyponatremia after the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day walk.  After a terrifying 24 hours, Julie realized she had a lot to learn about healthy eating.  She went on to pursue her Master's Degree in Nutrition from Georgia State University, and then she completed her Dietetic Internship in Atlanta, Georgia.   

Her Atlanta-based business Nutrition Ventures, LLC / Healthy Weight Coaching was founded on Julie’s passion for helping people achieve their health, fitness and life goals through personalized nutrition. She provides a non-judgemental approach to wellness in a comfortable and motivating environment.  She believes nutrition coaching should be fun, and she knows from coaching hundreds of clients that the investment in habit change is an invaluable component to life full of success and happiness!