Marcelo Ferreira -Former Head Coach Pepperdine University

I can't say enough good things about Julie Taube. Her knowledge about nutrition is second to none but even more importantly her care for her patients is unparalleled. I have been an athlete and a high performance coach my entire life. I have a degree in Physical Education and a Masters in Exercise Science. I have been through some nutrition courses and I thought my knowledge on nutrition was good. My goodness, I could have been more wrong.

Julie, changed my life by completely transforming the way I eat and go through my daily routine. She did everything in a way that felt smooth and doable. I have never felt so much energy in my entire life. Before seeing Julie and making all of these changes, I was feeling lethargic, tired but I could put a finger on the problem. I kept thinking " I am in good shape", " I eat healthy, " Why do I feel this way?".

Today I feel younger, more energetic, I sleep better, my moods are way more stable and it has only been a month since I have made these changes. But the biggest impact which completely blew me away was the dramatic positive change that this diet had on my blood pressure. My blood pressure has been going up lately and it went from a 120/80 from 2 years ago to 136/86 the last few months. I was starting to get concerned. Within 2 weeks of the diet I happened to take my blood pressure and it was the lowest I have ever had in my life at 118/78. I thought the device wasn't working so the next day I went to the pharmacy and did it again and it was the same exact number. The fact that following her diet and her advice has impacted my blood pressure in 2 weeks that much, what other amazing changes is my body going through right now? It's exciting and encouraging. I have completely embraced this new lifestyle.

Julie makes it easier to go through the changes because she will call you all the time to check on you, to make adjustments to your diet if you are craving something badly. She wants you to send her daily journals so she can analyze your decisions.


Whether you need to lose weight, gain weight, have more energy, sleep better, improve your overall quality of life or anything else.

Julie Taube is the person to see.

Mother of 4, Age 46

  "I came to Julie and Healthy Weight Coaching with the intention of educating my family on healthy eating and specifically helping my 12 yr old son with learning to make good/better food choices.  I was concerned about how my son would feel about being singled out from the rest of our family.  Julie did such a wonderful job of coming up with a plan that my son felt comfortable with and that he was able to follow in school and on the weekends.  He actually was happy to go meet with her on a regular basis!

I can't thank Julie enough for helping my family and I with our nutrition goals and making us all feel comfortable with the process.

Female, Age 60

  Being almost old enough to retire and loving desserts but hating exercise, I didn't think losing the weight that had slowly crept up was possible. However, I'd seen how good two of my similarly-aged friends looked after working with Julie so I made an appointment. Julie gave me simple recommendations and promised I would start to see results within 2 weeks. It wasn't easy to deny myself cheese, nuts, chocolate, and wine, but she was right -- I could see a change in my face within 10 days. How great is that?! Within 5 months, I'd lost 25 pounds! It's been 7 months since then, and I'm still loving buying clothes that are 3 sizes smaller than I'd been wearing. With graduation season upon us, I won't look so chubby in family photos either. In my book, Julie is amazingly good at her work! 

Chiropractor, Age 38

  I personally have had a ton of success with Julie Taube. I have also referred her to many friends who were extremely successful. She has an office in the Buckhead area which may be for your first visit but after that we did FaceTime calls. My whole life is a constant weight loss journey with yo yo weight loss. but with Julie I have been able to actually make it a way of life . She looks at everyone individually and creates plans to fit your lifestyle (work, kids etc...).

I really can’t recommend her enough!